Ren is a writer/illustrator/painter from the Metro-Detroit area, Michigan USA.

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Comic FAQ:

Why do you draw this comic?
I enjoy drawing and I enjoy comics. When I am drawing this, I feel like I am making comics for free for the free world. It makes me feel awesome!

How often does it update?
The comic is updated whenever.

How was the comic made?
Originally it was made this way:
1. Wrote the script figuring what would take place in each panel.
2. Drew the comic in pencil.
3. Inked with black Faber-Castell PITT artist pens.
4. Scanned the drawing.
5. Cropped the scan in GIMP.
6. Imported to Flash library.
7. Redrew/traced my original scan in Flash 8 (this took a lot of time right here) with my Wacom Graphire 4×6 pen tablet on one layer.
8. Added colors on separate layers in Flash 8
9. Lettered in Flash 8 using Blambot Free comic fonts: main dialog – Digital Strip, small type in title – Evil Genius, title font – Radioactive Granny.
10. Added boxes behind the dialog in Flash 8.
11. Drew thought and speech bubbles in Flash 8.
12. Exported image and re-sized in GIMP.

Now it is made this way:
1. Write script.
2. Open my custom made 4 panel template in Flash 8.
3. Draw comic lines on one layer in Flash.
4. Add colors on another layer in Flash.
5. Add letters on another layer in Flash.
6. Add word bubbles on a layer under that in Flash.
7. Exported image and re-sized in GIMP.

The comic and all characters of “I made inky.” are ©2010 – Current Date Ren unless otherwise noted.


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